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Occupational Health Card

Occupational Health Card should be applying within 30 days of arrival or status change. If not apply within 30 days then should show medical fitness test certificate and this is applicable only if the visa is not stamped on the passport. If fail then fine will be beard AED 310/-

The occupational Health Card Validity is only for one year and renewed within 30 days of expiry. If employee is outside at the time of expiration of OCH, then OCH must be renewed within 5 days of arrival.

Application and Payment both are made through online. After payment you need to go for blood test. Date of blood test may be long but you can visit next day. If you not go for blood test within 20 days of payment then you may bear fine.




Occupational Health Card must for these professions:

  • Foodstuff Trading
  • Bakery
  • Catering Center
  • kindergarten
  • Worker at health club
  • Fitness Centre
  • Spa
  • Saloon
  • Grocery
  • Furniture Polisher
  • Printing Press worker
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria

Required Documents:

  • Passport Copy
  • 1 Picture of applicant
  • Copy of entry visa/ residence
  • Old OCH for renewal