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Part Time Labor Card

UAE Laws permit the valid labor card holder for doing part time job along with primary job. The employee can work part-time after getting the work permit from MoHRE.. Part Time Labor card valid time period is 1 year.

In 2018 MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation) implemented new rule which allow companies to recruit skilled labor under part time contract system. This type of contract is limited only to skilled workers, namely holders of university degrees or higher and those who completed two or three years diploma in any technical or scientific field. Under this new system, part-time contract employees can take several part-time jobs without the approval of the original or other secondary employers; however, they are obligated to take permit from the MoHRE.


Eligibility for Part Time Labor Card:

  • Labor card holder
  • Age over 18 Year and max age 65
  • Government employees
  • Family visa holder

Non-Eligibility for Part Time Labor Card:

  • Visit / Tourist Visa
  • Over 65 Year old Residence
  • Not have legal sponsor (husband/father/employer)
  • Documents required for Part Time Labor Card
  • Both employer trade license
  • Color Picture with White Background
  • Copy of Applicant Passport
  • Copy of degree attested from ministry of foreign affair
  • Copy of contract
  • NOC from first Employer
  • Visa Copy of applicant (6 Month Valid)