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Visa Cancellation

If you have residence permanent visa either sponsored by your employee or family member and you want to leave UAE permanently, you must cancel your visa before leaving UAE. You cannot make request by yourself but only processed by your sponsor. Cancel made through two ways i.e. GDRF registered typing center and sponsor process Cancellation through GDRF online system.

Process of Cancellation:

  • Sponsor make request in MoHRE
  • Visa Holder signed this application
  • Submission the application in labor
  • Apply cancellation in Ministry of Immigration


Important point to be in mind during cancellation:

  • If family member is in sponsorship of Cancelled person, He must cancel his family member before his cancellation
  • Cancellation must be processed through GDRFA that stamped the resident visa in the first place

Documents Required for Cancellation:

  • Cancellation form signed by Sponsor
  • Original passport of Sponsor
  • Original ID of Sponsor
  • PRO cad / Delegate Letter in case of sponsor not available