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Visa Renewal

It is mandatory to renew the visa before its expiry. Otherwise, Ministry gives 30 days grace period for renewal / cancels the visa. After grace period the fine will start as per UAE laws. Visa will be renewed in one to three days. You can renew your visa before expiry for travel (up to 6 months till expire date)

Visa Renewal Process:

  • Visa Renewal Request
  • Request Submission
  • Medical
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa Renew Approval

Basic Requirement for Renewal:

  • Sponsor valid permit
  • Passing medical fitness test
  • Insurance card
  • Renewal ID Card issued from IC

Residence/Work Visa Renewal Requirement:

  • Copy of Valid Firm Card
  • Copy of Valid Trade License
  • Copy of Valid Labor Card of the Sponsored
  • Copy of Labor Card renewal Receipt for 60 year or above labor

Family Visa Renewal Requirement:

  • Copy of Sponsor valid Contract (husband/Father/Wife)
  • Copy of Salary Certificate
  • Copy of Legal Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of Register Tenancy Certificate
  • Copy of Latest Utility Bill

Fine/ Penalty on over stay:

  • AED 25/per day for First 180 Days
  • AED 50/per day for Second 180 Days
  • AED 100/per day for over one year